Les publications de nos recherches

(Dr Guy Hains & Dre Anne-Marie Lamy, chiropraticiens)

                 Vol 59, #1 mars 2015

A Randomized Controlled (Intervention) Trial of Ischemic Compression Therapy for Chronic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Syndrome du tunnel carpien)


                     Vol 54, #3, septembre 2010


Locating and Treating Low BAck Pain of Myofascial Originby Ischemic Compression (Douleurs au bas du dos)


                  Vol 46, #4, décembre 2002

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome Managed by Ischemic Compression to the Trigger Points Located in the Peri-Patellar and Retro-Patellar Areas: A Randomized Clinical Trial (Syndrome au genou fémoro-rotulien)


                                           (2010) 13 201-209

Urinary Incontinence in Women Treated by Ischemic Compression over  the Bladder area: a Pilot Study (Incontinence urinaire et vessie hyperactive)


                  Vol 6, #4, Décembre 2007

Chronic Shoulder Pain of Myfascial Origin: a Randomized Clinical Trial Using Ischemic Compression Therapy (Douleurs aux épaules)


                  Vol 33, #5, Juin 2010

Combined Ischemic Compression and Spinal Manipulation in the Treatment of Fibromyalgia:  Preliminary estimate of Dose and Efficacy



                  Vol 23, #4, Mai 2000

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